Defining Thermal Comfort

What is a good thermal comfort?

How to evaluate the thermal comfort

Introduction to the Standards ISO 7726 and ISO 7730

ISO 7726, Ergonomics of the thermal environment — Instruments for measuring physical quantities for measurements according to ISO 7730.

ISO 7730 – Ergonomics of the thermal environment — Analytical determination and interpretation of thermal comfort using calculation of the PMV and PPD indices and local thermal comfort criteria

Measuring thermal comfort according to the standard ISO 7730

Key input parameters

4 Environmental variables:

      • Air temperature
      • Air velocity
      • Air humidity
      • Mean radiant temperature – measured values

2 Personal variables:

      • Metabolic values – Personal activity level
      • Clothing insulation – Individual selection

Key output parameters:

      • OT – Operative temperature
      • PMV – Predicted Mean Value
      • PPD – Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied

Definition of the Key parameters

Measuring and Calculating

What should be measured?

How to measure

How to perform a measurement in a workplace?

How to perform a measurement in a residence?

Differences of the parameters

General information of the Comfort equation

Analysis of the measurement