1       General information

1.1      Definitions

This document is designed to help you understand our privacy policy. When we write we/us/our, we refer to Colswe Consulting AB. When we write you/your, we refer to you as a customer or that you have been in contact with a salesman at Colswe Consulting AB.

1.2      Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time. The latest version is indicated by the date at the bottom of the document. All changes will come into effect immediately.

2       Collection of data

2.1      Details you voluntarily granted us

When you contact our customer service, sending a written request via e-mail or a phone call, you allow us voluntary to store your personal information.

2.2      Data from other sources

We can, in cases when information you consented to is not complete, retrieve data from other recognized sources in the country.

3       Processing of data

3.1      Completion of agreements with our customers

We collect and store information about the companies that use our services, together with information about relevant contact persons. We process the information of these contact persons to fulfill agreements according to written or oral orders.

3.2      Marketing

We use our stored data for marketing by e-mail or phone contact.

4       Data subject rights

Under GDPR, each individual has a number of rights. We will do our best to comply with these rights.

  • The right to information; You can at any time get information about the data we store about you.
  • Right to rectification; If you believe the information we store about you is incorrect, please inform us and we will correct it.
  • Right to delete; You can ask us to, temporarily or permanently, delete the information we store about you.
  • Right to limitation of data processing; If you consider that we are processing your information incorrectly, you may limit our data processing.
  • Right to object; You can object to our processing of your data writing to annika@colswe.com

For questions or concerns, please write to annika@colswe.com

Annika Sanjuanello