AURA IEQ VISUALS® Visualisations Concept

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a complex phenomenon, which covers two main areas. Human comfort is the main group of topics. Air quality the second. Both influencing wellbeing and health, but also, for instance, learning capability or productivity. All these invisible factors are present in the space around us, inside and outside the buildings.

Widespread impressions exist among many of those involved in the construction and facility industry, that Building Management Systems (BMS), which control the indoor climate, provide adequate data to make the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) assessable and good enough for the measurement of the thermal comfort. But nothing could be less true.

A much wider range of parameters should be considered with mobile measuring equipment, bringing the measurement capabilities close to the occupants’ working or living area. These measurements are made possible by our AURA IEQ VISUALS® concept with our environmental sensor AURA IEQ 1001® multiprobe and our software IEQ_DISCOVERER®.

Basically, there are two circumstances, in which insights in the IEQ are needed:

  • Firstly, in new buildings during the post-occupancy warranty period, either during the pre-occupancy situation when a building is not yet furnished or during the soft landings period (several years).
  • Secondly, in any building in use, either old or new, in the post-occupancy period. Building occupants, perceiving their physical working environment unsatisfactory, expect interventions for improvement. However, perception and physical reality are two different worlds.

An important question is:

How do we know if a building is healthy?

Whatever stakeholder you are in relation to workplaces or living places in buildings,
do not rely only on perceptions, talk, expectations, vague prospects,
considerations, promises, etc. regarding
Indoor Environment Quality – IEQ.



Our concept AURA IEQ VISUALS® is the best option