AURA IEQ 1001 Multiprobe®

The physical working and living circumstances are just one part of the complex accommodation puzzle but are often leading in people’s perceptions about their work and living place.

Would it not be clarifying if the reality behind human comfort and air quality at the workplace level is revealed? If there were an easily accessible tool, either to offer the building occupant an objective answer to his or her complaint or to preventively achieve the highest possible quality of the indoor environment?

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a complex phenomenon, which covers two main areas. Human comfort is the main group of topics. Air quality a second. Both influencing wellbeing and health, but also, for instance, learning capability or productivity. All these invisible factors are present in the space around us, inside and outside the buildings.

An important question is: How do we know if a building is healthy?

Answering the question requires a wide range of instrumentation to objectify the IEQ by measuring (short term) or monitoring (long term) and, also by visualising what is considered as an invisible reality. These measurements and visualisations are made possible with our AURA IEQ VISUALS® concept.

It is an affordable modular measurement/monitoring concept, to be used by professionals and even non-professionals, with ease. The concept is quite simple. It Measures or monitors the several IEQ parameters with good quality field sensors like our environmental USB sensor AURA IEQ 1001 multiprobe® plugged into a computer with our installed Software.

Our concept

  • collects and store the measurement data
  • applies the necessary scientific calculations
  • visualises the processed data
  • makes the data and visualisations suitable for analysing and reporting

Want to reveal the invisible? Expose the hidden truth behind human comfort and air quality?

The only you need is just to MEASURE!

Our concept AURA IEQ VISUALS® is the best option