We are a team of professionals with a long and solid experience in indoor/outdoor environmental (IEQ/OEQ) measurements and monitoring.
Our backgrounds lie primarily in electronics and measuring and monitoring equipment and its applications, but more important we provide added value, as long years of expertise and practice in HVAC and building physics application. In short, we know the context of what our equipment and services are used for.


Our vision is that our customers see us as a company helping them to improve the indoor environment in their buildings, that our solutions contribute to the wellbeing and better performance of the occupants of their buildings in all possible fields: domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional.


Our driving force is to increase the awareness of professionals and the public to understand that the indoor environment, particularly, thermal comfort is one of the most significant factors in the well-being of individuals, either in working or in residential circumstances. However, indoor environment is an invisible phenomenon and is heavily dependent on the perception of individuals. We make it our goal to objectify the environment surrounding us, making it visible with advanced measuring or monitoring and visualisation techniques.
There is always an obligation to prove to the buildings owner, tenants, facility management, and not in the least, to the occupants either in new builds or in existing situations, that their indoor environment complies with legal standards or with professional standards of good practise. Satisfying all parties involved begins with ‘knowing’.

”to measure is to know” Werner von Siemens


Eduardo Sanjuanello, M.Sc.E.E. Senior Technical Consultant. Managing Director




Eduardo Sanjuanello, Senior technical Consultant and Sales Europe

Eduardo is an electronic engineer with a master degree in microelectronics and studies in Economics, Marketing and Business Administration. He has experience in integrated circuit design, measuring and monitoring equipment. A broad experience with a multinational company were his skills as a project leader, account manager and business developer as well as his ability to prioritise and overcome objections, make him a reliable consultant.
He has been a project leader in Central Europa and Latin America, Account manager in the Middle East, Service account manager in Central Europe and Latin America and a Business developer in North America. Back in Sweden Eduardo became involved in the sales of instrumentation and training within HVAC applications, it did not take long before Eduardo found the field of thermal comfort and sustainability as very interesting and full of challenges.
As a co-founder of Colswe Consulting AB, Eduardo is determined to bridge the gap between the highly experienced and educated individuals in the academic sphere and those technicians performing the measurement and monitoring of thermal comfort. What is clear for the first individuals is not necessary clear for those entrepreneurs out in the field. Why, where, when, what to use and how to measure is not that easy for the latest individuals, furthermore, many builders consider the thermal comfort measurement as a burden to their budget, they do not see that the contribution to the wellbeing and performance of the occupants of their building is the best for their business.

José Corrales, Manager – Consultant and Sales Americas

Industrial engineer, with studies and experience in planning and production programming with different softwares. Process simulation, evaluation and adoption of the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Purchasing – Warehouse Inventory process, Market research, Strategic planning, Data processing and information analysis for decision making, Budget preparation, execution and control, Analysis of investment alternatives and financial indicators, Diverse activities for economic-administrative management.


External Senior technical consultants

Leo van Cappellen, Van Cappellen Advies bv, The Netherlands

Dutch senior indoor environment specialist and mechanical and electrical building services consultant. Has a track record of many years in design and construction industry, including most of those years as an independent lead engineer and consultant, of which over 20 years with his own firm.
Leo has worked in building projects in The Netherlands and in other countries. The scope of his personal work and involvement covers activities such as initial setting the performance and functional specifications, designing of installations, engineering, specification writing, procurement, site supervision, completion supervision and aftercare.
His observations regarding the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) can be found in a paper he presented at the 2017 Healthy Buildings Conference of ISIAQ. “Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). WHO CARES?” Click here for pdf.
The past few years Leo has, next to his projects work, personally developed a professional IEQ monitoring system, which offers a unique 24/7 inside look into the invisible workplace environment. A paper about this he has presented also at the 2017 Healthy Buildings Conference of ISIAQ “Healthy buildings: IEQ Objetivisation by real time monitoring” Click here for pdf.
His initiative was born out of frustration by a lack of non-laboratory first line indicative IEQ monitoring equipment. During the development, Leo has engaged professor Manuel Gameiro (see next) for scientific support and software development.


Eric de Groot, MD PhD. Director, Imagelabonline & Cardiovascular, Erichem, The Netherlands. Academic Medical Centre, Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ericdg@xs4all. Phone: +31 6 2006 2662

Dr. Eric de Groot, has worked clinically (orthopedic and plastic surgery), in the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer, Lipitor program) and the academia (vascular medicine). Presently he manages Imagelabonline & Cardiovascular, a research CRO specialized in non-invasive assessments of arterial function and structure that provide validated quality assured biomarker data on health benefits of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and life-style/corporate health interventions. Biomarker data include ultrasound and MRI imaging of arterial structure and function, advanced blood pressure assessments and heart rate variability. As air quality – in particularly ultrafine particles – has a direct impact on the human inflammatory status, the aforementioned technologies can be used to evaluate health effects in epidemiologic research.

Dr. de Groot has published extensively in the cardiovascular and imaging field and is appointed as a reviewer of a number of high impact journals. Presently, he is a member European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) and supports the scientific board of Atlantia Food CRO, Cork, Ireland, and the scientific committee of the International Congress of Environmental Health (ICEH) and is a member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ).

Dr. de Groot is also engaged in the overlapping fields of medicine and technology as far as the health and well-being of occupants in residences and other buildings are concerned.

Publication overview on Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eric_Groot